An article written by Bill Lubing for the Dane County Farmers Market Newsletter about Bob and Julie can be seen below. 

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Fall at the Farmers' Market interpreted through cupcakes,
fondant, and the artistic design and craftsmanship of Julie Winkelman
of Sweet Street Bakery She won first place in the VIP Cupcake Wars at the
Madison Food and Wine Show.  --Photo by Bill Lubing

For the past 23 years folks have been stopping by the stall of Julie and Bob Winkelman of Sweet Street Bakery for their Wink's Whoopie Pies and Pup in a Cup cupcakes. The last couple of weeks of the outdoor market virtual throngs of folks stopped by to take a look at the scene above, created with cupcakes, fondant, and a ton of decorating skill.

Titled "Fall at the Farmers' Market" the scene was created by Julie with assistance from Bob as their entry into the VIP Cupcake Wars at the recent Madison Food and Wine Show. The judges were impressed enough to award it first place.

"All of the people are made out of cupcakes on the bottom," explains Julie. "The tables are made out of cupcakes and the tops are all rolled fondant, hand painted and molded."

For inspiration, Julie notes, "It's Fall in Wisconsin. And what better way to show it than Fall at the Farmers' Market?

"Of course with all of the vendors you have to have the honey and the corn and tomatoes. There are two in the front that represent the flowers and we have apples and carrots, cheese, and of course Wink's Whoopie Pies and Halloween cookies because it's fall. We have pumpkins and then we have a dog, though we do have a sign that says 'No dogs allowed,' because there are still dogs up here."

Other figures include a mother with her baby in a stroller. The Wisconsin people are wearing their cheese heads and t-shirts. "That was a lot of fun," laughs Julie.

She notes that the Capitol took a little help from Bob. "My husband helped me make the capitol," she says. "It's wood underneath and the dome part is styrofoam. Then we put rolled fondant on top of it.

"I was a little intimidated with the statue on top," she continues. "I wasn't quite sure if I'd get Miss Forward right. But it turned out fine."

That comes as no surprise, considering Julie has over 32 years of baking experience combined with a fine arts degree from the UW Madison. She is a member of the International Cake Exploration Society and former board member of the Wisconsin Bakers Association. Julie has taught cake decorating classes at Madison Area Technical College and has been featured in national magazines.

The couple operates out of their state licensed home bakery in New Glarus. They've been coming to the DCFM for the past 23 years. "I love coming down here," says Julie. "It's a lot of fun."

The Winkelmans don't participate in the winter DCFM so we won't be seeing them until Spring. In the meantime, it's a sure bet that Julie will be busy this winter putting her creative efforts into the custom designed wedding and all occasion cakes for which she's so well known.